Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How to repair Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Blower Resistor.

I own a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I haven't had any major problems with my Jeep until the heat started fading. First the low speeds went out and then medium...until I was left with high. This might not seem too annoying, but trust me. It's not very comfortable driving an hour with blasting heat!

What's the fix? The blower motor was working fine because it still pushed out the heat on high. This leaves you with the blower resistor. In this blog, I will show you pictures I took on my cell phone step by step how to change this blower resistor out on your own Jeep.

NOTE: You DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE ALL OF YOUR PLASTICS!!! I removed mine only to see where exactly under the passenger feet area the blower motor was. Only after I removed all of the plastics did I realize it was not necessary. The blower motor is 100% covered up with plastics, but if you simply remove the glove box door, you will have instant easy access to the resistor and the screws to dismount.

What you will need:
-Straight slot screw driver
-Star Tip or Allen Wrench
-Flash Light
-New resistor (Part #5143127AA)
All dealerships charge different prices. I paid $9.50. It should be about the same price.
-Patience and about 15-20 minutes to perform the job.

If you would like to make any of these pictures larger, just click the picture and you will be able to see much more detail.

Step 1. Slide this small plastic hinge by sliding towards you and pulling out toward the door.

Step 2. Remove the left side of the glove box by separating the hinge from the metal bar.

Step 3. Remove the right side of the glove box.

This is what your dash board opening will look like without the glove box.

Step 4. Remove the two screws that hold the resistor in place. You will need a star tip screw driver. I did not have one, so I used an HEX tip. Be careful though, doing it with a HEX tip could strip the screw if you are not careful.

Here is a picture of the HEX tip I used. (Also known as an allen wrench.)

Remove the two screws and it will come out like this.

You can see the red resistor where it burnt out. Some viewers have commented that their wire harness was melted. There are four wires, one for each speed. Make sure you replace the harness too (if it has melted). Not only will your speeds work again, but you reduce the risk of electrical fire from a short in the wire.

Step 5. Place the new resistor back into the mounting hole and tighten down the two screws.

Note: At this point, you should turn your key into the ON position. Make sure the radio is off so you have pure silence. Start your blower speeds from Off, 1 (low), 2, 3, 4 (high). Make sure they all work. If your heat speeds still does not work. You most likely have a more serious problem on your hands.

Step 6. Hook the hinge back on the glove box. Then clip the two mounting hinges back into place. I used the removal picture. It is still the same idea, just putting it back on this time.

Now you have successfully changed your heat blower resistor! Congratulations! Be sure to check out the comments section below in the link provided. Many viewers have had the same or additional trouble shooting issues which have been resolved through community support. Thanks for visiting!

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